The Philip Severin Collection

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Philip Severin 1894-1986

Known as “Mr. Larchmont” Philip Severin was a lifelong resident of Larchmont who played an integral role in the evolution of our present-day community. Severin was a realtor, developer, planner, landscape architect, historian, artist and writer. He recorded his surroundings and experiences  in both his art and his writing, preserving a record of life in Larchmont that brings the past to life today. His contributions are memorialized in a plaque in the West Gazebo of Manor Park.

The Herb Roth Photograph Collection

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Two residents celebrated at Flint Park during the 1940s

Herb Roth was a local resident who was a well-known cartoonist. He worked for the New York World and the New York Herald Tribune, but also published his cartoons and illustrations independently. The Larchmont Public Library has a collection of his photographs of Larchmont in the early 1940s.

Fire Company Collections

A Fire from the 1960s on Larchmont Avenue

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These are photographs of the Fire Company Rooms when they were in the third floor of Village Hall. The collections also include scans of photo collections from the Chiefs and the Companies.

There are photos from the Memorial Day Parade and Flint Park Celebrations in 1940, and photos from an Engine Company boat trip in 1940.

The Hook and ladder collection includes scans of “Count Screwloose” cartoons by Milt Gross who was one of their members.

The Hose Company collection includes pictures of the mural that decorated the wall of their Company Room during the 1970s through the 1990s.

Streetscape Pictures from 2002

The Larchmont Store

Site Link Streetscape Pictures from 2002

These photos were taken by Ned Benton in July 2002, when the Larchmont Gazette was developing an online business directory. The photos were used to illustrate the directory and to confirm that the directory was as complete as possible.

They are included in the LHS Archive as an historical record of the Larchmont business district at a point in time. The Historical Society’s plan is to update this every decade, so in 2012 we will photograph the same sites.

We have also indexed the site using address tags, and we are using the same tags for older photographs of the same locations. For example, let’s say you are looking at a photo of Post Wine. If you click on the keyword bpr2112 you will see additional photos of the same site in the past.

Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club

Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club

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The Historical Society has a notebook of  Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club photographs from the 1950s. In addition, the Historical Society has photographs from earlier times:

  • There is a historical collection that includes both early pictures and pictures of the fire and renovation in the 1990s.
  • There is a mixed collection developed by scanning the LHS slide collection.

Site-wide, searching on the keyword “hhyc” will also identify photographs of the HHYC.

The Larchmont Times 1901-1902

Larchmont Times, June 1, 1901

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The Larchmont Times was a weekly newspaper published by George S. Forbes. The paper was produced in New Rochelle from offices at 225 Huguenot Avenue. It became the Larchmonter-Times in 1908 and was published until 1922. It was then succeeded by the Larchmont Times which was published until 1955.

The Historical Society obtained an original set of the Larchmont Times in 2008, digitized it, and then posted in online in this collection. We also scanned an cropped separately a set of advertisements by local merchants and professionals.